Jeff Miller | Chief executive officer at Civil Contractors Federation

For years now on this day I’ve had my own quiet moment of reflection. At noon on February 6th exactly 10 percent of the year has passed.

Aside from always seeming so fast – where does time go? – the ten percent mark of the year is an elegant point at which to measure your progress.


If you made New Year’s resolutions, it’s a great time to check how you are going. Even if you had a long break over the New Year, chances are you are back into work by now. That’s enabled enough time for your resolve to be tested. You’ll know by now how serious you are.

This year I resolved to bring three new elements into my life. I was inspired by the Wisdom of Fifty People Aged Over 90 to risk more, reflect more and to do more that lasted beyond my own life.

I’ve done quite well with reflection. This year I have travelled more in January than I usually do, and that’s given me opportunities I wouldn’t normally have to reflect. I am also a little more conscious of being in each moment in my day-to-day life.

Part of my work as a Director of Halftime is helping people to discover their significance. Their legacy. This is part of the legacy I want to leave — so I have made a start there too.

But on the risk-taking front, I’m haven’t done so well. I have some bold goals relating to some personal investments and ten percent into the year, progress isn’t where it needs to be. The bullish outlook I had on a holiday by the beach in late December hasn’t yet translated into action.

But that’s the great thing about the ‘ten percent’ check in. It’s not too late to start. Yes, ten percent of the year has gone. But ninety percent of it still remains. It’s not too late. There’s still time.

It’s often said it takes 21 days to start to a new habit. So, on February 6, there is still time to have made significant progress on a new habit even before the end of February. And you don’t even need a leap year to do it.

Doing a serious check in on February 6 has really helped me each year.


                                                                  Enough time has gone to be encouraged if I’m

                                                                 off to a great start. But not enough of the year

                                                                  has  passed to be discouraged, if things aren’t

                                                                                               going so well. 


Happy 10% day. On the off-chance it’s your birthday, or some other special occasion, enjoy your special day. And don’t mind me crashing your party.

This article was originally published on Jeff Miller’s LinkedIn as 3 Today’s a great day to take stock. Ten percent of the year has just gone.

Jeff MillerJeff Miller is the chief executive officer of the peak industry body for civil construction in Western Australia, based in Perth. He also serves on the Board of Halftime Australia, helping people transition from success to significance. He has led organisations for over 20 years and enjoy’s writing about his experiences: good and bad.

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