The Weather Wrap: This is spring?

Monday, October 23, 2017 3:58 pm

I’m going to have to buy a thesaurus and look up “topsy turvy”. It seems like every week I begin this report by talking about just how upside down the weather has been. And this week is no different. JR our unstoppable weather ferret has come through with all the facts.

Unsettled Perth

The last week has been a bit all over the place in terms of weather. On the weekend we had temperatures of 30.3°C and 28.5°C. However, we also had thunderstorms and strong rainfalls. The best drop was in Bickley, where 3.0mm was recorded on Sunday morning. As if what we just had wasn’t unpredictable enough, from Thursday a series of cold fronts will bring rain and colder temperatures.

Wacky Spring Weather

It’s no secret, this spring has been pretty wild. We’ve had storms, heat, wind and humidity. However, it’s not exactly without precedent. In the spring of 1890, Perth received over one third of it’s yearly rainfall. Out of 364.0mm, the three months of spring accounted for 199.9mm. In 1965, the average hours of sunshine for November was just 5.1 hours. That’s lower than the average for June (6.0 hours).

Feelin’ hot hot hot

We had a pretty warm night overnight yesterday. The minimum temperature dropped to only 18.1°C. It was the warmest night since March, but still a far cry from the warmest October night on record. On October 29 1979 the mercury dipped to 22.2°C. WA’s hottest October night on record was 32.7°C recorded in the Kimberley in 1900.


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