The Weather Ferret’s Perth April forecast

Monday, April 3, 2017 1:31 pm

By Mike Atkinson | Drive producer and public relations officer

Did summer return last weekend? You could be excused for thinking that after the mercury comfortably soared above 30 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday.

Is the April heatwave — the so called ‘Indian Summer’ set to continue? or will we be digging out our inefficient electric heaters from the garage? J.R — our beloved weather ferret — guides us through the month of April.

Just like summer

Perth is currently experiencing a taste of summer. Warm sunny days with light winds and max temps in the low thirties.

Yesterday, Perth Metro recorded a max temp of 31.6°C. On average in April Perth Metro can expect 4.4 days when the max temp is 30°C or higher.

The greatest number of 30°C days in April was 11 days in 1906, 1949 and 1991. The latest date of an 30°C day recorded in autumn was on 10th May 1962 with 30.0°C.

Last heatwave of autumn

Perth Mero’s hottest day in April on record was recorded on 9th April 1910 with 37.6°C.

The max temp of 37.6°C was recorded during the latest heatwave spell in autumn between the dates 9th to 11th April 1910.

The BOM are forecasting more warm and sunny days on Tuesday and Wednesday with 31°C and 30°C respectively.

A possible shower on Thursday and cooler days. Warming up again on Sunday with 28°C. The average max temp for April is 25.9°C.

The mean monthly temp extremes for April range from 21.0°C in 1968 to 28.5°C.

Last April (2016) The coldest location overnight in WA was 2.7°C recorded at Pingelly West in the Great Southern.

Whim Creek

On this day in history (3rd April 1898) WA recorded its wettest day on record with 747.0 mm recorded at Whim Creek in the Pilbara

A tropical cyclone on the 2nd April 1898 caused extensive damage to the to the region including Cossack.

Tramway, rails, road and bridges were destroyed and telegraph line downed. Houses collapsed and all boats slipped their moorings. The damage was estimated at over 30000 pounds.

The wettest day recorded in WA so far this has been 210.6 mm recorded at Karratha Aerodrome also in the Pilbara on 9th February 2017.

Talking of rainfall

Perth Metro’s average rainfall for April is 44.0 mm recorded on 7.1 rain days.

The monthly rainfall extremes for April range from nil in 3 years (1920, 1977 and 1982) to the wettest in 153.6 mm in 2008 which broke the long standing record set in 1926.

Last April (2016) Perth Metro recorded 68.2 mm on 13 rain days.

The wettest day in April was 69.6 mm was recorded 17th April 2002.

Perth dams

This week (2017) 29.7% (slight drop) Last week 29.8%.

Last year (2016) on this date 23.2%

Our metro dams are currently holding 28% more water than this time last year.

Ferret The Weather Ferret’s fact of the week: The hottest recorded location in the world yesterday was 46.5°C/115.7°F (Linguere) Senegal.

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