The weather ferret’s mid-summer forecast

Monday, January 16, 2017 4:33 pm
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By Mike Atkinson | Drive Producer and Public Relations Officer

We’re slap bang in the middle of summer and as 2017 has been in full swing for more than 2 weeks our weather ferret, JR, has put together his 2016 weather wrap with a look ahead to this year.


The year that was

  • Well it was cooler year. Perth Metro experienced its coolest year for 11 years (2005) with a mean annual max temp of 24.2°C.
  • The annual average max temp is normally 24.8°C.
  • Perth Metro’s coolest year on record was on 1917 with 21.8°C whilst the warmest year on record was in 2011 and 2012 with 25.7°C. Last year (2016) was a warm one with 25.6°C.
  • The max temps extremes during the year ranged from 14.2°C recorded on th June and 12th June to 42.5°C on 2nd February
  • Overnight temperatures were also cooler than normal with an annual mean max temp of 12.7°C.
  • It was the coolest year for 6 years since the 12.4°C in 2010.
  • The coldest night was 0.6°C recorded 13th July.
  • During the year Perth Metro recorded 27 cold nights which is close to the average of 26.5 days.
  • A cold night in Perth is when the min temp is 5°C or less.
  • The greatest number of cold nights recorded in a calendar year was 47 nights in 2010.

Long range weather forecast

Long Range Perth Forecast. Source: AccuWeather

Another dry year

  • The annual rainfall total for 2016 at Perth Metro was 715.8 mm on 117 rain days.
  • The last time Peth reached the annual average or exceeded it was in 2005 with 874.8 mm.
  • The driest year on record was in 2006 with 466.8 mm whilst the wettest was in 1945 with 1338.8 mm.
  • The wettest month during 2016 was July with 139.6 mm on 12 rain days.
  • Most months during the year were below average apart from January, April and May.
  • The wettest day during year was 34.6 mm on 21st May 2016.

Weather Forecast Friday

Climate of Perth in January

  • So what can we expect in weather-wise in January.
  • It is midsummer in Perth in January, and days are generally sunny and either warm or hot.
  • The low humidity that generally occurs on days of high temperature makes conditions more tolerable.
  • Sea-breezes that blow across the coastal plain on most afternoons moderate the temperature.
  • Hot spells, usually of two or three days’ duration, are commonly followed by cooler conditions for a similar period.
  • On average, January is Perth’s driest month with 9.7 mm of rain over 2.7 rain days.
  • The average temps for January range from 18.2°C to 31.2°C.
  • The hottest January on record was 55 years ago in 1962 with a mean max temp of 34.4°C.
  • Last January (2016) the mean max temp was 32.0°C.
  • Perth Metro’s hottest day in January on record was 45.8°C on 31st January 1991.
  • Just three weeks later Perth Metro recorded its hottest day on record with 46.2°C.


Australian Capital Cities – Monday January 16

Summer to date in Perth

  • Did you know that Perth is currently experiencing a cooler than normal summer despite the occasional spells of hot weather.
  • The mean max temp for summer is 29.5°C.
  • The coolest summer to date since 2007/08 (29.1°C)
  • The average for summer is 30.7°C.
  • Last summer (complete) 2015/16 to this date was 30.8°C
  • Perth Metro coolest summer was in 1901/02 with 26.5°C whilst the hottest summer on record was in 2012/13 with 32.3°C.

Perth dams

  • This week (2017) 31.3% (on the way down) Last week n/a.
  • Last year (2016) on this date 25.7%.
  • Our metro dams are currently holding 22% more water than this time last year.

Ferret The Weather Ferret’s fact of the week: The hottest location in the world yesterday was 43.9°C recorded at Peak Hill Post Office (New South Wales) Australia.


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