The weather ferret’s May forecast

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 3:53 pm
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By Mike Atkinson

May is the last month of autumn – if the season truly exists in Perth – which means a usually means a mixed bag of sunshine and showers.

Our beloved weather ferret JR will guide us through the forecast for May, but first we take a look at the stats from a cloudy April.

April Stats

  • The mean daily sunshine hours recorded at Perth Metro in April was 6.5 hours which was the least sunniest April for 41 years (1975).
  • Perth actually experienced recorded more sunshine in June last winter with 6.6 hours.
  • The least sunniest April on record was in 1926 with a mean daily sunshine hours of 4.4 hours.
  • The max temp on Sunday at Perth Metro was 19.4°C which was the coolest day of the year to date and the coolest since the 19.0°C recorded on 5th December last year.

coldest wa

Lowest max temperatures for WA yesterday. Source: Twitter

  • Perth Metro’s coldest day in May was recorded 11 years ago with 11.5°C on 23rd May 1995 (I remember that day well) the day cold and wet.
  • The coldest location in the Perth area were recorded in the Perth hills at Bickley and Gooseberry Hill with 10.0°C and 10.3°C respectively.
  • The average max temp at Perth Metro for May is 22.3°C.
  •  Believe it or not Perth Metro can still experience hot weather in May. A hot day in Perth is when the max temp is 32°C or higher.
  • The hottest day in May was 34.3°C recorded on 1st May 2002 and a year later Perth Metro experienced its 2nd hottest day on record with 32.7°C on 1st May 2003. The latest date of a hot day in autumn was in 1907 with 32.2°C.

What can we expect in May?

So on average what can we expect weather wise in May in Perth? In a nutshell. May is cooler, wetter with least sunshine hours and the occasional cold front.

The average temperatures range from 10.6°C to 22.3°C.

The average rainfall for May 116.9 mm on 11.3 rain days.

The monthly rainfall extremes for May range from 14.1 mm in 1964 to 308.1 mm in 1879.

The average sunshine hours for May is 6.9 hours.


5 day Perth metro area weather forecast. Source: BOM

Ferret The Weather Ferret’s fact of the week: The hottest location in the world yesterday was was 47.2°C recorded at Banda (India).



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