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Leon Piper | Drive producer

After a warmer-than-usual June, you’d be forgiven for assuming winter had decided to take the year off. But this last week has sure changed things up. Our ever reliable Weather Ferret JR has all the weather news from his secret forecast bunker.

Time to chill out

While last month was the warmest June on record, we’re currently enjoying the coldest July in 19 years. The usual mean max temperature for July is 18.4°C, yet Perth is has only recorded a mean max of 16.4°C so far this month. While there’s no denying that it’s been chilly, it’s still a shade warmer than the overall lowest average temperature for July, a frosty 15.7°C recorded in 1910. For those playing at home, this was also the coldest month ever recorded in Perth since records began in 1897.

All uphill from here

Statistically, the 9th of July is usually the coolest day of the year for the Perth metro area, with a mean max of 17°C. The 9th is also the day that the coldest ever July day was recorded 111 years ago. In 1906 the temperature peaked at just 10.5°C. However, it would appear that the temperatures are on the rise. From Tuesday onward the bureau is forecasting max temperatures from the high teens to the low twenties, peaking at 21°C on Sunday.

Rain rain, go away

Perth has recorded 58.4mm on 8 consecutive rain days so far this month. This is our longest wet spell since the 9 days between the 21st and 29th of May last year. While that may seem like a lot, it’s nothing in comparison to the wet spells of 1907 and 1945. They were both recorded to be 30 consecutive days of rain. The 1945 spell contributed to Perth’s wettest winter ever, with 957.1mm on 69 rain days.

When compared to that statistic, it becomes clear that this winter really hasn’t been wet enough. The average rainfall to this point is 226.8mm, but we’re sitting on just 146.4mm.

Record low temperatures

In the past week, two locations have hit record lows. Giles, a weather observation post near the NT border 1,746km from Perth dipped to -2.5°C. Last Wednesday in the Gascoyne, Bulga Downs reached a record low of -4.0°C. While these are both fairly freezing, they’re a fair way off the lowest WA temperature ever. In August 2008 Eyre dropped to a positively icy -7.2°C.

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