Leon Piper | Drive producer

If you like rain then there’s good news. After a dry June and a wetter than usual July, August is looking just as wet. 

Rain for days

The average rainfall for August in Perth is 132.9mm, and while we’re only sitting on 31.2mm, a couple of heavy rain days could turn that around. Coincidentally, Tuesday and Wednesday this week look to be heavy rain days. On Tuesday, falls between 20 and 35mm are expected, and Wednesday is similar with the chance of a storm. Haters of rain however will be comforted to know that we’ll still fall short of the August record of 73.9mm recorded on August 14 1945.

Two Extremes

Last Thursday Carnarvon recorded it’s coldest ever August night with 3.4°C. The previous record was only a touch higher at 3.5°C, recorded in 1953. However, it’s nothing compared to the lowest temperature ever recorded in WA, a sub-zero -7.2 recorded at Eyre in 2008. For those looking for warmer pastures, look no further than Kuwait. Mitribah, a weather station in the north west recorded a maximum of 52.2 yesterday, with an overnight low of 32.3°C.

Cold cold cold

Last Wednesday Perth recorded its lowest temperature of the year, a chilly 1.7°C. IT was the tenth coldest august night of all time, and only 0.4°C warmer than the coldest on record, recorded in 2000.

The Dams

Our dams are sitting at 34.1%, up from last week, when they were at 32.9%. This time last year things were a bit bleaker, with the dams at 27.1%

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