The Weather Ferret’s End of Summer Forecast

Monday, February 20, 2017 2:41 pm
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By Mike Atkinson | Drive Producer and Public Relations Officer

What a bizarre summer we’ve had so far! Not only did Perth cop a record rainfall of 100mm last week, contributing to our wettest February on record, but we sizzled through a hot weekend with the mercury topping 37.7°C.

Our beloved weather ferret J.R is back with the lowdown on what we can expect for the last 2 weeks of summer.

WA’s hottest day on record

Nearly 19 years to the day on 19th February 1998, Mardie Station in the Pilbara recorded WA’s hottest day on record with 50.5°C.

It’s the only the official max temp of 50°C or higher recorded in WA in its history of weather observations.

The max temp of 50.5°C recorded at Mardie is also Australia’s second hottest day on record.

Australia’s hottest day on record was recorded at Oodnadatta Airport in South Australia with 50.7°C recorded on 2nd January 1960.

What a difference two days makes

When Perth Metro recorded its hottest day on record with 46.2°C on the 23rd February 1991, just two days later on the 25th the max temp was a cool 20.4°C.

Perth Airport in that February recorded their hottest and coolest day in February on record with 46.7°C and 20.4°C.

Tomorrow the BOM are forecasting a taste of autumnal chill with 22°C.

In the coming days ahead Friday to Sunday heatwave conditions are forecast. A very hot finish too summer.

Wettest summer on record

After the second wettest day on record on the 10th February with 114.0 mm, Perth Metro has experienced its wettest summer on record with 190.4 mm on 11 rain days.

The previous rainfall record for summer was 180.2 mm o 18 rain days in 1954/55.

The average summer rainfall for Perth Metro is 35.4 mm on 8.5 rain days.

In the summer of 2009/10, Perth Metro recorded its driest summer of record 0.2 mm on 1 rain day.

Perth dams

This week (2017) 30.8% (on the way up) Last week 30.6%. Last year (2016) on this date 25.1%.

Our metro dams are currently holding 22% more water than this time last year.

Ferret The Weather Ferret’s fact of the week: The hottest location in the world yesterday was 41.5°C recorded at Vioolsdrif (South Africa).

The hottest location in the world yesterday was 41.5°C recorded at Vioolsdrif (South Africa).

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