The weather ferret’s Autumn forecast

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 2:26 pm
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By Mike Atkinson | Drive producer and public relations officer

Autumn has continued off where summer ended — a bizarre mix of hot and humid weather with a good old storm to boot.

Our beloved weather ferret J.R looks forward to what we can expect in Autumn 2017. Will there be any respite from the sticky heat? Fingers crossed.

Hot start to March

Phew! A hot and humid first week of March in the Perth area. The humidly can be blamed on the SWLD recorded its second wettest February on record, and the wettest February for 62 years, since 1955.

The mean max temp for the first week of March has been 34.7°C. It’s the hottest start to March for 3 years since 2014 with a mean max temp of 34.9°C.

The average max temp for March is 29.6°C. The hottest start to March on record was in 2001 with a mean max temp of 36.7°C.

Perth Metro’s warmest March on record was in 2011 with a mean max temp of 31.9°C. Last March (2016) was spot on average with 29.6°C.

BOM Weather Forecast: Wednesday 8th March – Sunday 11th March

Hot spell

The max temp today recorded at Perth Metro was 33.2°C which makes it day number #5 of our current hot spell.

A hot spell in Perth is when the max temp is 32°C and higher on three consecutive days.

The longest run of consecutive hot days in March recorded at Perth Metro was 9 days in between the dates 14th to 22nd March 1947 and 13th to 21st March 1988.

The time record for any month was 16 days between the 1st and 16th February 1996.


Australia from Above: 12noon on Tuesday 7th March. Source: BOM

On this day in history

On this day in history (7th March 2007), 10 years ago Perth Metro recorded its hottest day in March on record with 42.4°C.

Much of southern WA boiled in 40 plus max temps.

The hottest location in southern WA was 46.4°C recorded at Kalbarri with the Central West. They broke their March recorded the previous day with 47.2°C.

A total of 41 locations hit 40°C or more. Some of the very hot locations included; Eneabba 44.1°C, Jurien Bay 44.0°C and Geraldton Airport with 43.6°C.

WA’s hottest day on record in March was 47.8°C recorded both at Roebourne Aerodrome (Pilbara) and Carnarvon Airport (Gascoyne) in 1998 and 2007 respectively.

WA Rainfall Totals: 1st March – 7th March 2017. Source: The Weather Ferret

Perth dams

This week (2017) 30.2% (on the way down) Last week 30.6%.

Last year (2016) on this date 23.7%. Our metro dams are currently holding 278% more water than this time last year.

Ferret The Weather Ferret’s fact of the week: The hottest recorded location in the world yesterday was 44.2°C/111.6°F (Gascoyne Junction) Gascoyne, Western Australia.

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