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By Mike Atkinson | Drive producer and digital content creator

There’s certainly an autumnal chill in the air as Perth heads into the first month of winter — just ask those who braved the chill on Sunday morning for the HBF Run for a Reason Half Marathon.

We’ve enlisted J.R, our beloved weather ferret, to fire off all the weather facts from his excel spread sheet in the toasty confides of his shed.

Autumn chill

Overnight on Sunday Perth Metro experienced a taste of autumnal chill. The min temp dropped to a chilly 4.9°C.

It was the coldest night of the year and the coldest since the 4.4°C recorded on 29th September last year. Perth Metro’s coldest in May on record was 1.3°C which has been recorded on two occasions; 11th May 1914 and 25th May 2012.

On average Perth Metro can expect 2 cold nights in May. A cold night in Perth is when the min temp is 5°C or less.

The greatest number of such nights in May was 9 recorded in May 2004. The coldest location in the Perth area overnight on Sunday was 1.6°C recorded at Wanneroo.

Overnight Perth Metro recorded a cool 5.8°C.

Perth Metro rainfall report

With fine weather forecast for the rest of the month is unlikely I if we record any more rain for the May. The rainfall total for May 2017, was 70.8 mm on 12 rain days.

It has been the driest May for 5 years since the 48.0 mm in 2012. Perth Metro’s driest May on record was recorded in 1964 with 14.1 mm on 9 rain days.

Year to date

It’s been a wet year to date. The total rainfall for the year to date (5 months January to May) was 277.0 mm on 32 rain days.

It was the wettest year for 27 years since 294.4 mm on 44 rain days in 1990. The average for the year to date 202.6 mm.

Remember 114.4 mm was recorded on one day (10th February earlier this year).


It has been a drier than normal autumn at Perth Metro with 94.4 mm on 23 rain days. It was the driest autumn for 6 years since the 68.8 mm on 12 rain days in 2011. The average rainfall for autumn is 180.4 mm.

The driest autumn on record was 42.4 mm in 1983.

Climate of Perth in June

On Thursday is the first day of winter.

So what sort of weather can we expect in June? June on average is Perth’s wettest month of the year.

The average being 172.9 mm recorded on 14.7 rain days. Cool and cloudy days are common. Some are cold, windy and showery, while others are sunny with light winds.

Last June (2016), Perth Metro recorded 109.4 mm on 16 rain days. The last time Perth Metro exceeded the June average was in 2005 with 251.0 mm.

Perth Metro’s driest June was in 2006 with 24.6 mm. The dry conditions continues throughout the rest of that year.

The annual rainfall total for 2006 was 466.8 mm breaking the previous record set in 1940. The wettest June on record was 476.1 mm in 1945, it’s also Perth Metro’s wettest ever month on record since records commenced in 1876.

Temperatures in June

The average temperatures in June range from 8.7°C to 19.4°C.

On 17th June 2006, Perth Metro recorded the coldest night on record since records commenced in 1897 with -0.7°C.

Talking of cold, Perth Metro experienced its coldest ever day on record in June with 8.8°C on 26th June 1956.

On the day; Wongan Hills Research Station recorded WA’s coldest day in June on record with 6.3°C.

On average June is the least sunniest month of the year with 6.0 hours of sunshine per day.

Sibi, Pakistan

On Saturday in Sibi in Pakistan they recorded a max temp of 52.0°C which is their hottest day in May on record.

Since Friday they have recorded three consecutive days of 50°C.

Perth dams

This week (2017) 29.7% (no change) Last week 29.5%.

Last year (2016) on this date 24.3%.

Our metro dams are currently holding 22% more water than this time last year.

Catch J.R’s chat with Jeziel at 4:10pm on Monday’s on 98five.





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