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Bec and Jeziel had a chat with Beauty and the Geek winners, Lachlan and Kiera! Beauty and the Geek

The grand finale of Beauty and the Geek revealed the winners, Lachlan and Kiera. After completing a difficult dance performance challenge, the pair pleaded their case to eliminated contestants who eventually crowned them the winners! “I’m on cloud 99 at the moment. It’s an unbelievable feeling.”

As the new Beauty and the Geek champions, they each won 50 000 dollars. But they’ve been too busy reflecting on their experience and enjoying their new friendship, that they haven’t decided what they want to do with the money. “The money is awesome but it’s secondary to the experience¬†we were able to go through.”

At the start of the show, Lachlan revealed he struggled to find a connection with other woman. But after his transformation and new found confidence, he is feeling optimistic  about his dating future. Especially since his DMs blew up with potential dates!

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