We spoke to an Opera Singer!

Monday, March 22, 2021 5:03 pm
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Every now and then the Drive Team get a local professional in to talk about their amazing and interesting profession. This week we got an opera singer in to talk about all things opera. Daniella Sicari is an Australian/British soprano based between Perth, Western Australia and Manchester, UK.

Since she was a little girl, Daniella was involved with music. When she went to high school she took singing as an elective and her teacher was a classical singer. She was not a fan of classical until she was in her final year of WAPPA when she finally realized opera was what she wanted to do.

Bec and Jeziel does not know too much about singing and thus had to ask what the difference is between opera singing and any other singing.

“The difference between an opera singer and any other singer is that an opera singer doesn’t use a microphone. You have to use your whole body to sing with. Opera singing is not yelling but is projecting your voice clearly” – Daniella Sicari.

When preparing to sing opera there are some techniques you have to do for warming up your voice. This includes doing physical body warmups such as stretching and apparently some singers even roll on the floor to help loosen up their body.

If you are someone who want to start opera but don’t know where to start, Daniella gave some helpful tips,

  1. Listen to the operatic greats.
  2. Go on YouTube and listen to your favourite opera singers.
  3. Join an operatic company.
  4. Watch live performances of operas you love.
  5. Find a teacher that you trust!

Daniella then graced us with some singing! It was amazing!!

Have a listen to the full interview below:


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