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This morning, on The Breakfast Show, Kirste and Dan had a chat with MasterChef Judge Melissa Leong.

Melissa Leong is a food critic and travel writer who has returned for her second year as a MasterChef Judge. They discussed which dish surprised her the most, how her lipstick stays on while eating and what her last meal on earth would be.

Because she tries amazing dishes by some of the best home cooks in Australia, Dan asked Melissa if she has the best job in the world. “I pinch myself regularly at work. I get to talk about food all day, eat amazing creations and meet wonderful people. That to me is a dream job.” Each season of MasterChef brings it’s own surprises but the dish that surprised Melissa the most was made in the first episode. “I think Tom’s initial dessert to get into the competition. The dish was beautiful and the skills and the techniques he displayed were beautiful.”

On the show Melissa is know to be stylish so Kirste wanted to know how Melissa’s signature red lipstick stays perfect when eating so many dishes. “When I wear red lipstick and I eat anything it is all over my face.” She shared some helpful tips “Choose a high pigmented matte lipstick. Glossy lipstick looks great for magazine covers but does not stay on. Also taking smaller bites helps.” Have you ever thought while watching MasterChef how the judges can try so many dishes? Kirste and Dan also wanted to know. “I’m not gonna lie there are days where I’m like wow I just had 24 ice creams. But Jock loves it.”

This week on the show, Curtis Stone returns to talk about steak. Kirste and Dan wanted to know what is her favourite way to eat beef. “Super slow and low like a brisket. Marinated or rubbed with spices slow cooked over smoke until it falls apart.” Kirste and Dan ask all the MasterChef judges and contestants what would be their last meal on earth. Melissa said it would be her mum’s Hainanese Chicken Rice. “If it is my last meal on earth I would want it to mean something as well as be delicious.”

Tune in to MasterChef this week on Channel Ten.  Watch Melissa and the other judges try a range of restaurant-quality meals made by home chefs.

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