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This year our fellow West Aussie Justin Narayan won MasterChef 2021! MasterChef

So of course Kirste and Dan wanted to have a chat with him about his time on the show, his plans to start a restaurant and what his last meal on earth would be. Justin never expected to win MasterChef after he was encouraged by his pastor to apply. “To get them off my back I was like alright, I’ll do it and things escalated from there.”

Despite his calm demeanour, he felt the pressure of the MasterChef kitchen. “I like to be cruisy and easy going. But we get stuff done at the end of the day.” He feels his years of experience as a youth pastor prepared him for the stress of the MasterChef kitchen. “Reality TV was the easy part. Youth pastors out there I commend you for what you do. There is a lot of pressure and stress and you never know what you are gonna get.”

The grand prize for winning MasterChef 2021 is 250 000 dollars! Justin plans to invest the money wisely and use it to create his own food related content “Try to learn as much as I can about working ina kitchen and running a restaurant.” Kirste and Dan always ask the MasterChef contestants and judges what would be their last meal on earth. For Justin he would love to have his mum’s chicken curry, dahl and pickled chillies.

Did you enjoy watching MasterChef this year? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials and don’t forget to listen to the full chat below!

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