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beauty and the geek

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Today on Drive, Bec & Jeziel had a chat with Jessica A from Beauty and the Geek.

Beauty and the Geek is a show where ten Beauties and ten Geeks look for love and friendship. Beauty, Jessica is a 19 year old student who sells ethically handmade clothing and accessories. She was was paired with Jackson, who were unfortunately eliminated from the show.

Although her time on the show has ended, Jessica said she enjoyed being able to meet such unique people and form new friendships. “It was awesome to see how that friendship builds and the relationships you have with everyone.”

For all you fans of Jessica and Jackson, you’ll be happy to know the two are still close despite leaving the show “We had such a strong bond on the show.” The relationship you watched unfold between them and other couples on the show is real. “It was all genuine and all real…What you see on TV is exactly what happened.”

Jessica also gave a sneak peek into what we can expect from new episodes. “All the geeks that were eliminated that didn’t get a chance to have makeover, they look really good now and you might get a chance to see that.”

Tune in to watch Beauty and the Geek at 7pm Sundays and Mondays Tuesday as 7:30pm. Are you watching Beauty and the Geek? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below

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