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We are only days away from finding out who are the reigning champions of Beauty and the Geek! So finalists Kiera and Lachlan, joined Bec and Jeziel on Drive to chat about the show.

beauty and the geek

Yesterday was the much anticipated makeover episode where Lachlan, along with his fellow geeks James, George and Alex were transformed by a team of stylists. “His confidence grew exponentially from that so I was really really happy.” Lachie also thinks he will have to ditch his mum, to go clothes shopping with Kiera from now on. “Kiera can tell my mum what’s trendy.”

Throughout their time on the show both beauties and geeks were pushed out of their comfort zones to complete difficult challenges. “We’ve both learnt a lot not just about ourselves but about each other as well.” For all you Kiera and Lachlan fans, you’ll also be happy to know the pair are still close off camera. “We have a very special friendship and I think we always will.”

Are you excited to watch the finale of Beauty and the Geek? Bec and Jeziel will cheering on Kiera and Lachlan but which pair do you hope will win? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full interview below:

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