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On the 17th of March 2022, we partnered with Water for Africa for the first-ever Watering Day. We had a simple goal, provide clean drinking water to as many people as possible.

Having never hosted a Watering Day before, we didn’t know what to expect. We thought if we could raise awareness of the good work the Water For Africa team are doing that would be a win. If we could raise funds for one or two wells, that would be a win. And in true 98five Family fashion, you absolutely blew us away.

The final tally

After everything was counted, the final tally landed at 40,062 people who will be given clean, safe drinking water thanks to you. That equates to 16 wells, 16 villages that are about to be transformed forever! So thank you Family, thank you for your generosity, your willingness to listen and your compassion. We are so proud to be able to work with you to bring about generational change like this. Along with the final numbers, Phil and Julie from Water for Africa wrote this letter to share with you.

98five's Watering Day with Water for Africa

Children play freely in clean water from a Water for Africa well.

A thank you letter from Phil and Julie

We just wanted to thank all the 98.5 family for being part of watering day.

In truth giving clean water gives so much more!!!!!

Mothers don’t have to spend hours looking for water and can do other activities. Like growing crops or other business models which increases income. Girls no longer have to spend hours leaving the safety of there community in fear of attack or wild animals looking for water, now they are free to attend school and chase their dreams.

Sickness and even death is reduced by not having to drink dirty water especially in children, school attendance rates go up dramatically.

In Tanzania they have a saying:

Maji ni uhai 

Water is life


So in truth water affects: health, life span, education, commerce, it increases physical and mental well-being.

So all at Water for Africa and the countless precious Tanzanian people say a HUGE heartfelt Thank you.

What’s next?

Over the next few months, the wells will be built. Water For Africa liaises with each village and the government to have the land surveyed. After the survey is completed it just takes a few weeks for the machines to drill and the in-country repair and maintenance teams to put the pieces together. Then that’s it, a village has access to clean, safe drinking water! Phil and Julie are planning to visit Tanzania later this year. They’re hoping to take Morro with them, to continue the journey and relay the impact back to you. He’ll get the opportunity to witness the schools and communities receiving clean water for the very first time and will meet the precious people face to face. If you’d like to help Morro get to Tanzania, see here.

Water for Africa Well Installation

The Water for Africa in-country team installs a water well.

Over the next few months as the wells are built we will be able to share photos and testimonies with you, so stay tuned. These will be passed around on our socials or you can subscribe to our eNews to receive these updates straight into your inbox.

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