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As we know, the East coast of Australia is currently in a flooding crisis. From Brisbane, to Sydney, the East Coast copped three months of rain in just one weekend. But there is one particularly creepy, crawly, side effect of the floods … spiders.

In an effort to escape the waters, spiders are evacuating to people’s houses and they are everywhere. They’re being flushed out from the ground, racing up fences and walls, anywhere dry to avoid the water.

Check out some of the footage that has been captured, but be aware. If you don’t like spiders, you’re not going to like this.

Does your skin suddenly feel itchy? Have a close look at the below video, it’s not mud that is making the ground brown.

Hailing from Sydney himself, Dan had quite the spider fact to share.

“How cool, and terrifying is this…” said Dan. “A Funnel Web spider, has the ability to blow a bubble around itself and sit underneath the water. Waiting to attack. So before you went swimming, you’d have to check the bottom of the pool.”

“People say WA is the Wild West, but that is unreal” Kirste replied, her face painted with horror and disgust.

Catch up on today’s edition of Kirste and Dan’s ‘Daily Planet’ below:

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