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A Geraldton skipper has rescued a baby wallaroo, after spotting him a kilometre out to sea!

After 28 years on the sea, you’d think Kim Wheatley had seen it all. After a good day’s work, he was heading back to shore when he spotted the little roo “struggling big time”. The charter boat gunned towards the animal and one of the customers on the charter boat jumped over board. He tied a rope around the animal and the crew were able to hoist all 45kg of the skippy onto the boat.

Wallaroo rescued off shore

His troubles didn’t end there. He was struggling to breathe, so the crew gave him CPR and he eventually vomited up about a litre of water. Wheatley radioed a local animal rescue who met the boat as it docked. The animal rescue team were worried the wallaroo might not live through sedation, so he was swaddled in a blanket and taken to the rescue property.

The rescuers nicknamed him ‘Offshore’ and drove him about 50kms inland, well away from the beach. Offshore made a speedy recovery after a bit of rest and bounded off with pace.


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