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Lyn Kennedy from Collective Shout, a grassroots campaigns movement against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls, joins Bec in the studio.


One of Collective Shout‘s major campaigns at the moment is #WakeUpInstagram. Against Instagram for facilitating child exploitation material and predatory comments from men directed towards children.

Campaign manager, Lyn Kennedy discovered hundreds of comments from men inappropriately targeting underage girls on Instagram through the use of hashtags.

“Instagram said that their priority is to keep children safe across their platform and are using proactive technology to ensure that happens but this is not the case,” said Lyn.

How can we protect our children?

  1. Communicate with your kid,
  2. Know how they use social media,
  3. Set account to private, however, Strangers can still direct message them.

We are asking Instagram to change their settings so that strangers can’t message under aged kids. Be careful with the hashtags you use. Predators use those hashtags to track down your kids.  #WakeUpInstagram

Find out more about the #WakeUpInstagram movement here.

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