WA School’s Response to Covid

11 February 2022

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WA Schools have had a rocky start to the year. The Education Department has implemented new strategies to deal with the pandemic, in the hope of keeping schools open.

Things like school camps and choir rehearsals have been cancelled. Parents are no longer allowed on site and assemblies are being held over the PA. Craig Hunter, from Rehoboth Christian College, said “get ready to be a lot more flexible! Teachers are already preparing lessons and getting ready for this. A child’s learning is most important and school is the best place for this to happen.”

A recent survey looked at how children’s learning was affected during the pandemic. They found it wasn’t as disastrous as expected and actually improved in comparison to other countries! Another part said that children were better off at school and that the relationship with their teacher had a positive effect on kids. “This confirms other data we know about good teaching: if learning has to go online then it’s important they still feel that connection with their teacher and classmates.” It can be tough for parents navigating this with their kids who are already facing stress going back to school. Craig says the key word is resilience, they are tougher than we think!

What is the most helpful thing I can do to help my kids back to school?

  • Keep routines at home that help kids feel safe. e.g. Regular bedtimes, diet and exercise
  • Read to them every night
  • Avoid too much extra curricular activities.
  • If possible, limit computer games or screen time during the week
  • Remember the importance of outside play on mental health
  • Have dinner together, this gives your kids a chance to debrief.

“It’s really important for us as parents and schools to find ways to make sure our kids’ are feeling loved…keep encouraging your kids: we’ll get through this…you’re doing great, let’s do this together… When we’re anxious, kids pick up on that and bring it into their learning

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