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It’s pretty safe to assume that most West Aussies would wholeheartedly agree that WA is one of the best places in the world. WA is officially, scientifically, indisputably the best place ... for applesEspecially this year, you’ve probably heard more than ever people saying “I love Perth”…” I’m so glad I live here”… “we’re so lucky to live in this state”. Well now, it’s officially, scientifically, indisputably proven that WA is the best place … for apples.

Thanks to a recent study by ECU and UWA, it was found that WA bred apples, like the Pink Lady and Bravo, had the highest content of something called polyphenols. These are natural compounds associated with a decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

ECU’s Catherine Bondonno and Nicky Bondonno and UWA’s Professor Michael Considine examined over 91 different types of apples were the best for a person’s health. The research also found that more than half an apple’s polyphenols are found in the skin.

So people, go and pick up some Pink ladys or some Bravos and get them into ya – and don’t even think about peeling the skin off!

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