How do you clean vomit out of a car?

Monday, July 20, 2020 11:35 am
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We’ve got some big news Family, Corey had his very first experience at a night club over the weekend. And let’s just clarify, Corey is straighty-one-eighty, he doesn’t drink alcohol at all and was very well behaved. But the same can’t be said for everyone in the group he went out with.

“It’s a whole palaver, why do people do it?”  Corey Asked. “Why not just stay home and read a book.”

Long story short, one of his friends had been vomiting and as the gentlemen he is, Corey drove her home. The only problem is, she had vomited a little on her clothes, which means it got in Corey’s car. So Corey’s car currently stinks and he can’t get the smell out – he needs your help!

Adele from Mandurah called up to tell the story of her poor, car sick daughter. Even though she kept telling her dad who was driving that she wasn’t feeling well, he was convinced they could make it to their stop. Eventually, the poor thing couldn’t take it and threw up from the back seat all the way onto dad! Fortunately, he’s a mechanic so he stripped the whole car and gave it a power clean!

Mike reckons Corey should hedge his beats and trade it in. If you’ve got any vomit-cleaning hacks for Corey, let us know! Join the conversation on Facebook.

Have a listen to the chat on The Brekky Show below:


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