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What do you think Volkswagen would be making alongside their cars in Wolfsburg? Tyres? Maybe car accessories? Or even Volkswagen memorabilia?

I bet you’d never guess pork sausages. That’s right, for the last 47 years VW has been producing their wildly popular currywurst. In 2017 they actually made more currywursts than cars, a whopping 6.8 million sausages.

Believe it or not: Volkswagen's #1 selling product is...

Now I know you’re wondering “why does a car company make sausages?”

Well, it all started back in 1938, because they Wolfsburg factory is so remote, VW had to start producing food on-site to feed their staff. In ’73 the currywurst was added to the menu and soon became an all-staff favourite – it’s been a staple of Volkswagen’s staff restaurants ever since. It’s now so popular that it’s sold in local supermarkets and football stadiums!

Believe it or not: Volkswagen's #1 selling product is...

Even though the VW sausage is available in 11 different countries, sadly Australia is not one of them.

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