Using Everyday Experiences to Teach Our Kids

Friday, February 18, 2022 3:27 pm
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Many parents will admit to rushing through life and not stopping to think through daily experiences. From driving in the car to cooking dinner, I could be using that to teach my child something.

Most parents want what is best for their children and to help them succeed in school and life. So should we be doing more to help them at home, not just rely on teachers to do all the work? Evidence tells us that increased parental involvement in a child’s learning has many benefits. Such as higher academic achievement, greater cognitive competence, greater problem-solving skills, school enjoyment & fewer behavioural problems.

So how do I turn an everyday experience into a learning opportunity? Children’s Learning Specialist, Natalie Nicholls joined Mike to explain: “I’d like to challenge parents mindsets here. Many parents underestimate what they DO know and what they CAN offer their children.”

If kids are at school for approximately 1235 hours per year, that leaves us with 1500-1800 hours (excluding sleep, eating, etc) to be involved in their learning. What are we using those hours for? Rest, relaxation, family time, outside of school activities or holidays. All of these things can be turned into fun learning opportunities. Natalie suggests the 3 M’s:

1) On the Move: In the car, train or walking to school think about learning opportunities around you. For example, having a book in the car.
2) Meals: Let them pack their own lunch can help them practice focusing paying attention, planning ahead and taking responsibility.
3) Moments: Incorporating learning into everyday moments.

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