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Do you ever open a message and think “oh gosh, that’s so bright, ugh the whiteness – my eyes!”. Well then pull out your phones and prepare to be de-strained because Jeziel has found the solution for you!

How to unlock Facebook Messengers dark modeWe’re not sure exactly when, but recently Facebook added a secret little mode into their messenger app. Dark mode makes the app background black with dark accents rather than original white background and blue accents.

Why a new darker skin? People who use their phones late at night or in the dark often suffer from eyestrain. This mode is less likely to hurt your eyes and produces less blue light so it’s beneficial for your health and it extends your phone’s battery life too!

To unlock dark mode:

  1. Open or start a new chat thread with someone (or yourself).
  2. Insert the crescent moon emoji into the text field and send it.How to unlock Facebook Messengers dark mode
  3. Once you do, you’ll see many moons appear in the chat window.How to unlock Facebook Messengers dark mode
  4. You’ll also see an alert, asking you to activate a new dark mode in settings.
  5. Either tap the alert or go to your profile page in the app to activate it.
  6. You’ll see a new option to turn on dark mode.How to unlock Facebook Messengers dark mode
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