Um…you’re sitting in my seat

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 2:56 pm
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Another visit to the movies got Tim thinking about the great ‘cinema seat booking’ debate. Some have even declared it the greatest.

Should you have to sit in your booked seat or should it go back to the old ways of first in?

Tim Long: I’m absolutely booking my seat. Back row. I don’t want anyone kicking the back of my chair.

Mike (Drive producer): No comment (then when informed this wasn’t a journalistic interrogation)…I turn up and pick a seat, it’s too dark to be looking around for a seat number among spilled popcorn. (And if he’s told he’s sitting in someone’s assigned seat) I gracefully move away because they’ve appreciated the booking system I’ve completely disregarded (no mention of Mike moving to his actual assigned seat though).

Christine (Drive host): The security of a fixed seat is great for a planner. And when you get familiar with the cinemas, you can always go back to the same seats. (You can always find Christine in either H8 or J8 depending on the cinema size).

JD (Nights and Sundays host): Yes, I like knowing where I’m sitting — and choosing.

Beth (content director): No. Where did movie-watching spontaneity go? Sometimes my brother and I were running so late we didn’t even know if we’d be able to sit together yet alone make it before the starting credits.

Jez (relationships coordinator): I don’t like it when people don’t sit in their booked seat because usually it’s mine they’re sitting in.

Bevan (GM): First in, first served. If you arrive late, bad luck.

Pic: the 98five family recreating the joys of cinema seating: (back L-R) Christine, Tim, (front L-R) Jez, Mike, JD

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