The ultimate Perth street party!

Friday, June 17, 2016 6:01 pm
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First, we have to thank our amazingly generous host families and caterers for helping make today’s All You Can Greet Street Party happen!

It was a first for 98five to broadcast in a single day Brekky with Kirste and Morro, Mornings with Mike, Afternoons with JD and Drive with Jeziel from four different streets around Perth, in an effort to bring WA communities that little bit closer together.

It’s all part of June’s Vote for Hope month campaign, culminating in 98five’s June Appeal week that starts next Friday 24 June.

I vote for HOPE button

98five is focused on tackling the current loneliness epidemic spreading throughout Australia, and, as a listener-supported community station, we rely on our incredible listeners to help us to raise the funds to keep broadcasting a positive message of hope throughout WA.

Today’s All You Can Greet Street Party began with four families opening their homes to the 98five listening family and those passing by — all were encouraged to come say hi and join in on the free food, coffee and fun with:

 The Cassidy family in Butler, who hosted Brekky from 6am to 9am

Cassidy family in Butler 

John and Erica du Preez in Darch, who kept the coffee hot for the Mornings show, 9am to noon 

John and Erica du Preez in Darch

The Good family who had the Afternoons pick-me-up shift sorted, noon to 3pm 

The Good family_Secret Harbour

And back on the north side of the river, the Beebe family from Padbury who wrapped up an epic day on our Drive show, 3pm to 6pm 

Drive host in Padbury 

98five’s hosts, producers and behind-the-scenes crew were all blown away by the hospitality and buzz that each community brought across the day.

And, of course, as mentioned earlier, a big thanks has to go to the following who provided the food and coffee free-of-charge so each neighbourhood could gather hassle and hunger free!

The Cassidy family (Billy’s best breakfast bacon and egg burgers in Butler, brilliant), Butler host family
Paul the coffee van
John and Erica du Preez, Darch host family
Liza’s Kitchen
Manic Espresso
The Beebe family, Padbury host family
Jesters Australia

Here’s some of the video highlights from the day…

Brekky’s live ‘Queen of the Desserts’ game where Kirste and Morro give the contestants the ingredients and they have to guess the dessert. Think this one may have been too easy.

A first for Brekky — the Big Brekky late in the program and live on the streets of Butler! Regular guest Andrew Hamilton talked about ‘fake funerals’ in South Korea.

YouthCARE WA chaplain, enrolled nurse and Neighbourhood Watch WA area coordinator Sandra joined Mike on Mornings to discuss how communities can care for each other by going back to the basics of really ‘getting to know your neighbours’.

The photo gallery and more highlight videos to come on Monday

And while we’re dishing out thanks like Oprah’s giveways…

…we also need to thank the cafes that partnered with us throughout the day with 98five’s Pay It Forward Friday initiative — Bolt CoffeeCoffee at the CygnetDux Restaurant CafeHalo EspressoHoolpa Espresso, Peppermint Green, Sweet RemedyUrban Bowl, and Warwick Stadium Café.

There was generosity in bucket loads being dumped on the people of Perth today!

Don’t forget to check back on Monday for all the photos and videos.


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