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Every day, The Brekky Show dig up a good news story to share with the family and actually, they’re really easy to find! There is so much goodness and kindness being shared during these crazy times, so we hope you’re encouraged by today’s story!

How long has it been since you caught an Uber? There has probably been a few Uber Eats parcels dropped off at your place over the last few months, but when was the last time you actually sat in a taxi? Hardly anyone has been going out, so Uber drivers have had a change in the way they operate and most drivers have really felt the pinch of the loss of income.

But a woman named Zoe has shared a situation onto The Kindness Pandemic Facebook page, where she got into an Uber with a lovely guy called Mark. Mark was the driver and proceeded to give Zoe a present. Now if you’re thinking “I’ve never received a present in an Uber, this could be a bit strange” you’re not alone. But it wasn’t anything weird! It was a little hessian bag of lollies with a poem attached.

The poem was written by Mark’s dad about the current COVID situation.

Social distancing’s now the new norm
But remember it’s darkest before any storm
Hop in, sit down, take a load off your feet
Put on some handwash, enjoy a sweet
While we’re travelling together, let’s think happy and bright
Hey – they might find a cure for this damn thing tonight!

Consider this trip an oasis of calm
Think positive thoughts – it won’t do any harm
Though for all of us times are now pretty rough
We’ll get through this together, us Aussies are tough
Of all Sydney’s Ubers, you called mine – thanks for that
It’s been great meeting you and thanks for the chat

Keep smiling! Best wishes from Mark!

Zoe said it truly put a smile on face. These drivers have to put themselves on the front line and come into contact with countless people to continue making their living. So it was inspiring to see someone like Mark who could easily be sour about the whole situation, go out of his way to share some positivity with someone else.

From the 98five Family to all Uber, Taxi, Didi, Courier drivers and everyone in that industry – thank you, we so appreciate you!


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