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Do you remember how excited you would get when you were in the back of the car and you’d pump your arm at a truck driver and he’d reply with a triumphant honk of his horn?

Or maybe the driver would tease you. You and your friends on the bus would pump your arm but the driver ignored you until you started to drive in different directions and then he’d let his horn rip?

The “arm pump” action that a truck driver would reply to with a honk of his horn.
Well apparently kids aren’t doing that anymore and it’s hurting our truckies hearts.

So one truckie has wrriten a letter and shared to a parenting thread on Reddit. (A Reddit thread is like an open forum for conversations about specific topics.) He wants parents everywhere to pass on this driving tradition.

A truckies letter to parents, pass on the arm pump!

This is what the letter says:

“Dear parents… (thoughts of a trucker)

I am not a parent, (maybe one day)

But … 6 other drivers and myself were talking in a truck stop about kids not doing the arm pump like we did as kids for the truckers to blow their horns. It is becoming something so rare, that when it does happen, we brag about it for weeks! (Literally! )

Can we please start teaching kids the arm pump again? Sometimes we have a rough day, and making a child smile by blowing our horns for them when they give us the arm pump can drastically change our day! (Possibly theirs too…) We miss that!

That’s all I wanted to say… Take care!”

Did you do the arm pump when you were a kid? Does your child do the arm pump now? Text us or join the conversation on Facebook!

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