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It is easy to think that we know everything about our parents. However it’s only as an adult that that you realise how much more there is to our parents than you see as a child. Jeziel learnt some new information about his father that really touched his heart. Here’s the story of his family re-connection.


Jeziel’s father grew up believing that his father (Jeziel’s grandfather) was dead. It wasn’t until one of his uncles came over and said something odd that he would have thought any different. He decided to investigate further, despite being only eight years old. His search took him two years, before he discovered the truth about his father. He was alive.

When he turned twelve, he discovered that his father was living and working in the same town as him. He would walk home from school and sit on a hill above where his father worked and watch him. This continued for two weeks before he built up the courage to meet him.

Jeziel’s father walked to the bottom of this hill and introduced himself saying he was his son. They looked at each other for a minute or so. Finally, the man said “I know” and drove off.

It was in that moment that Jeziel’s father, a twelve year old boy decided that he wanted to get to know his father and have a connection with him. So every two years after that moment for the next thirty years he would go and find where he was living and approach him so that they could build a relationship. Every time he approached his father he would just walk away until after thirty whole years, he said yes, alright let’s have a chat.

“How crazy is that,” Jeziel said. “That for thirty years he was turned away by his own Dad, who said he wanted nothing to do with him, please leave. But every two years rocking up saying; I’m here, I want to chat and get to know you.”

Drive listeners also had some incredible stories to recount about family re-connection with not just parents but also children and siblings that they had not ever known about. Their chat was very encouraging and goes to show that it is never too late to connect with people especially when it comes to family.

To hear all the amazing family re-connection stories, check out the podcast below:

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