Total Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon on 26th May

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 2:55 pm
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All of Australia will be treated to a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon at the same time tomorrow, Wednesday 26th May.

Jeziel spoke to Matt Woods who is from the Perth Observatory and Matt mentioned that this will be the only Total Lunar Eclipse for 2021. Usually we have a couple a year but this time we only have one.

“Because it is going to be in the Earth’s shadow we call it a blood moon so it looks turned orange or blood red”

The partial eclipse will begin at 5:44 pm which we will see the moon disappears, with a total eclipse between 7:11-7:25 pm. It will only spend a short period of time in this phase which in previous years it was around an hour long.

If we go out at round 7.10 pm and just look up we will be able to see it. Matt recommends going to open areas such as Kings Park or even the beach to have a nice clear view.

“The moon is the 5th biggest moon in the solar system”

This is the last supermoon as a full moon for this year. A supermoon happens when you get a new moon or a full moon at its closets point to the Earth. On average the moon is about 384,000 kilometres from the Earth. When it is at it closest it is around 365,000 kilometres away from the Earth. To put this into perspective it will take Daniel Ricardo about 50 days in his formula 1 car to drive to the moon.

An interesting fact:

“If you actually put the moon next to earth you can actually fit the moon in between Sydney and Perth”

Hear the full chat below:


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