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Every Wednesday Bec and Jeziel each share something mind-blowing that they have learnt in the last 7 days! Today I learnt…

Karen Jacobsen is the voice of Australian Siri (Image: ABC)

The voice of Siri is a singer

Karen Jacobsen is an Australian singer and songwriter who dreamed of becoming the next Olivia Newton-John. But while she was living in New York, she took some voiceover work, where she spent days in a studio reading phrases and was never told why. It wasn’t until years later that she found out she was the voice of Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. She is now heard in over 400 million devices, but you might also recognise her songs that have been on soundtracks for Dawson’s Creek. She has also shared the stage with Norah Jones and Cyndi Lauper!

You can catch more flies with vinegar than you do with honey

You may have heard the popular expression ‘you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’. But it has been scientifically proven that you actually catch more flies with vinegar than you do with honey. Adult flies forage for microbes on overripe fruit, relying on their sense of smell to detect the acetic acid (the chemical that gives vinegar its pungent aroma) that accumulates as the fruit ferments.

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