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Corey Sutton | Brekky Producer

An album that the Rolling Stone’s have labelled as “escapist summer-chasing jaunts” is sure to make an impact on the Perth local music scene, and frankly, be the soundtrack for you summer, and every other one to follow.

An old friend of Brekky host Morro, we tracked him down and asked him to play for us live on the show.

In true rock-star fashion, Timothy casually rocked up to the studio minutes before he was due to go to air. In fairness, he had picked up a Western Australian Music Award (WAM) the night before for Best Keys/Synth Artist so we weren’t going to hold anything against him.


Source: Rachael Barrett

There is an aura about Tim that exudes success, but he downplays this. To him, he’s just a boy from Willeton doing what he loves: playing music.

And good music at that. The summer vibe that surrounds his new album Words Like Young is contagious. It makes you want to wind the windows down when you drive; feel the warm breeze on your face in the cool of the night; lark around the house in a singlet on a hot day.

Timothy Nelson’s Words Like Young is your summer soundtrack.


Ironically, Tim has a love-hate relationship with summer, putting it down to the genetic inheritance from his grandmother. He joked about this when chatting on Brekky with Kirste and Morro, as well as describing his struggle at growing a beard, and his beloved old van that has sadly seen its last day.

Timothy Nelson Interview

He stuck around to play a song for us too; an acoustic version Good as it Gets. 

Good as it Gets‘ by Timothy Nelson

Words Like Young is released Today, you can buy the album on itunes or Spotify. Timothy Nelson launches his album at the Fremantle Arts Centre on November 5. You can get tickets from

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