This is a time for Christians to shine

Thursday, March 19, 2020 11:54 am
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Pastor, surfer, reticulation fixer and backyard philosopher, Andrew ‘Hammo’ Hamilton joined Kirste, Mike and Corey on Brekky this week to discuss how Christians and the Church are presented with a moment right now to step up and serve our community.

Like everyone already, Hammo is sick of hearing about Covid-19, but understands we do need to pay attention to this.

He is the first to admit he made a few jokes about it weeks ago when the panic buying began, encouraging people to settle down.

Now though, he has spoken in front of his church stating his church are taking precautions and cues from the government regarding how to respond for the well-being of everyone.

For Hammo, it comes down to a simple statement he saw on a t-shirt of one of his attendees: faith over fear.

Our faith in God needs to take precedence over our fear.

In the bible, there is a verse that says God has not given us a spirit of fear but a power of love and self-control. Self control people!

This is the time for the church and Christian’s to step up and be the people who show love, kindness and generosity when no one else is. Not hoarding, but helping!

Wouldn’t it be great if what came out of this is people say, “wow, how awesome were those Christians. They looked after us”.

A practical way to spread love and kindness is through these #ViralKindness letterbox notes. Simply fill out the details and drop them to any of your neighbours who you think may be struggling during this time and you think you could help! Right-click on the image, click save-as and them print them off or download a copy here. If you don’t have a printer, just scrawl down the details on some scrap paper lying around your house. Let us know on our socials if you take up this #ViralKindness challenge!


Listen to the full interview on Brekky below:

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