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Radiothon is an exciting week as we get to catch up with some of the special guests we’ve had during this year who understand the heart of 98five and are as excited as we are for what we’re working towards.



Ps Tim Healy, from Riverview Church, is absolutely a summer baby. This time of year is his favourite and after the big 40* we had on Saturday he’s feeling energised!

So he came bouncing into the studio this morning, admiring the funky set up we’ve got going on for Radiothon this week.

As a church pastor, Tim Healy is always out in the community. So when The Brekky Team asked him what he hopes for, for the Perth community he easily named his top priority.

“One of the things I appreciate about belonging to a faith community like Riverview is that it gives us and so many other people a genuine sense of community. In a world that is wider and more connected than ever before, yet people still suffer loneliness and isolation. It’s prolific. So my hope for Perth is that people find community, a real family, that they would find meaningful belonging. That the would have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Because when people experience that, it makes life so much richer.”

Ps Tim has been a part of the 98five family for a long time. He’s been a regular on The Breakfast Show’s “Big Brekky segment” for years, so he has seen first hand the hard work that goes into broadcasting.

“What  I love so much about what you guys do, is fill the airwaves with hope and optimism. We live in a day and age where there are so much fake news and so much negativity. For someone to be constantly is putting out positive content that is full of hope and optimism is a breath of fresh air. It fills the souls of individuals with hope and fills the community with hope. Because you have such an extensive reach you allow other people to have a voice, so those people too can bring messages of hope to our community. If you keep it up our community is going to be better for it. “

The team so appreciated hearing the encouragement, Morro joked that “They’re feeling the pressure now!”

But that’s why we do it together, we need support to be able to continue our work. So join with us and support Radiothon 2019.

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