TIL: Some people leave their favourite recipes on their tombstones 

1 December 2022

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Every week Bec and Jeziel share an interesting fact they recently learnt. Today I learnt…

Cows have best friends

Researchers have found that cows have best friends and experience lower levels of stress when hanging out with them. For the study cows were penned for 30-minute intervals, once with their best friends and once with a cow they did not know. The cows’ heart rates and stress levels were significantly lower when they were with their best friend. Not only are cows calmer when they’re around a buddy, they are smarter too. In a 2014 study, researchers from the University of British Columbia found that young calves that live alone perform worse on tasks of cognitive skill than those that live with a buddy.

Some people leave their favourite recipes on their tombstones 

TikToker @ghostlyarchive is on a mission to hunt down and cook as many of these special recipes as possible! Rosie shares how an internship at a local cemetery helped her find her first gravestone recipe and shares her personal favourite tombstone treat, Annabel’s snickerdoodle cookies. 

@ghostlyarchive This fudge was so good! #recipegravestone #gravestonerecipe #bakersoftiktok #cemeteryexploring #taphophile #cemeterytok #gravetok #recipesoftiktok ♬ Don’t Blame Me – Taylor Swift


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