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Every week Bec and Jeziel share an interesting fact they recently learnt. Today I learnt…

Old phone booths in Japan have been transformed into goldfish tanks.

Since 2011, Kingyobu has been converting the booths into living ecosystems full of goldfish. The beautiful art installation pays tribute to a Japanese tradition and is the perfect place for locals to chat with one another. First, the phone booth’s interior is waterproofed, by sealing cracks around the door and edges. Then the water filter is installed and the brightly coloured fish are added. The filter keeps the water clean and clear, while the top opens like a regular tank so the fish can be fed. Goldfish are highly symbolic in Japanese culture and have been appearing in artworks for a thousand years.

Animal trials were common across Europe, until the 18th century.

Medieval authorities believed that crimes committed by animals were the work of the devil. If they were to go unpunished it would provide an opportunity for the devil to take over human affairs. Animal trials were serious, official proceedings, some of which lasted months and featured respected lawyers on both sides. In 1386, a pig was found guilty of killing a child. it was then dressed in male clothing and executed in the town square.

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