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Jessica called us up to share about what happened in the most difficult time of her life. One of the only things that helped her through the day, was 98five and the Lifewords – a reminder that God speaks to her directly.

You may never meet them, you may never even get to hear about the difference you have made in their life, but right now you have the opportunity to share hope with someone right when they need it the most. 🙌💞 You can do this by donating to 98five’s June Appeal as we grow a greater hope in Perth.
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What is June Appeal?

As a listener-supported station, 98five relies on roughly 55% of its funds to come from donations from individuals just like you. As a not for profit, we exist to build into your family’s life. To encourage love, hope, positivity and belief in our communities. In a way our ‘profit’ is lives transformed and changed for the better. So when you support our Radiothon, you ensure 98five can continue broadcasting 24/7! Read our Radiothon FAQs here. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram so you don’t miss any of the good stuff!
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