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Can you believe that Bec met Michael “Thommo” Thompson in person, for the very first time today? Bec and Jeziel talk to him every single day on the phone, but today was the first time they met in the flesh!

Jeziel paid his respects to the legendary media personality by wearing his iconic I Like Thommo hat. Which seemed to make Thommo blush!Michael "Thommo" Thompson joins us for Radiothon

Visiting the 98five Studios sent Thommo spinning with nostalgia down memory lane. He grew up in Como, just around the corner from our studios. So he spent time reminiscing, sharing about his high school, his first car (a dodge ute with a massive stereo) and dropped a pearl of wisdom for the Family. “Never stop trying new things – I can’t think of one thing I wish I didn’t do. I’ve never stopped trying new things and I think that’s why.”

We imagine living and breathing news like Thommo does would sometimes take a toll.

The news is so often sad or negative, so seeing, hearing and soaking up all those messages could threaten your sense of hope. But Thommo is a self-confessed “glass half-full guy”.

Thommo draws hope by being grateful for his family, friends and health. “I’m a big believer in ticking boxes. I’m lucky that I’m 61, married, three kids -tick, tick, tick.” He believes that if you look at where you’re at, hope presents itself.

But as a dreamer he feels hopeful looking into the future. “Hope is everything if you haven’t got hope. Small things can turn you around. I heard that in the testimonies I heard on the way here.”

Thommo believes that having a community station like 98five is important. With his work at Channel Nine, Thommo is affiliated with all different radio stations and newspapers. “There would be a void. its a station that can really make a difference. I think its crucial to the landscape in Western Australia. “

If you value what 98five brings to Perth, if you think there would be a void without the hope that is broadcast on our airwaves, consider donating to our Radiothon Appeal to ensure we can continue broadcasting 24/7!

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Like Thommo said “Donating feels good, being a part of this feels good. It doesn’t matter what size it is, but if we all get involved it becomes a powerful thing.”


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