#THE48STR8 Challenge for Charity

Monday, June 29, 2020 12:48 pm
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Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? I’m sure most of us have, but unlike this group of Aussie soldiers, I bet you couldn’t say you’ve stayed up 48 hours straight!

The #THE48Str8 Challenge was created by three young Veterans Tully, Sam and Isaak. They were inspired by the Dave Goggins challenge which is to run 48 miles in 48 hours, so every four hours you run four miles (or 6.4 KMS). But for this trio, that feat wasn’t big enough. To beef it up, they decided to “throw in” 3046 pushups to represent the number of lives lost in Australia due to mental health issues during 2018. And just for fun, each participant will wear an 8kg weight vest and complete the challenge on absolutely no sleep.

A few weeks ago Jeziel was lucky enough to have one of the founders on the show, just as the challenge kicked off. By the time we chatted to Tully Reid he had completed the first round, one 6.4 Km lap and 254 pushups down – he only had to do that another 11 times!

So why would anyone subject themselves to this kind of physical and mental torture? It’s all in the name of charity.

“We wanted to use all the spare time we had in isolation to do some good,” said Tully. “We decided to use this challenge as an opportunity to raise money for the charity ‘Young Veterans.‘”

Young Veterans is a volunteer-run organisation with one goal: to enrich the lives of Australian Veterans, empowering them to succeed in life after service through social, physical and psychological support.

As active serving members of The Defence Force, this cause is incredibly close to these men’s hearts.

“It’s absolutely vital, Young Veterans host coffee days, camping trips and are passionate about bringing Vets together. A lot of these guys have a hard time just cracking on day-to-day, so it’s so important that’s someone’s bringing them together in that social aspect.”

Half a dozen teams around the country have completed the inaugural challenge this month and it’s clear that this challenge is special to everyone who took part.

I took the opportunity to support Young Veterans through the 48STR8 because of the incredible work they do with all vets and their families. The Defence Force is one big family and we all have to look after each other. I am proud to have been a part of this challenge for charity raising over $12,000 with some amazing people by my side and I look forward to doing it all again next year. – Private Daniel Foster (Townsville Team)

Most of us average Joe’s probably couldn’t keep up with this challenge, so if you’d like to support #The48str8 challenge fundraiser, you can follow along on their socials or donate here.

Have a listen to our chat with Tully below:

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