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Rory Shiner joined Mike

Rory Shiner joined Mike to talk about ‘The World Next Door: A short guide to the Christian Faith’. Which he wrote along with Peter Orr.

This book is our best shot at commending the Christian message to our friends. It’s driven by the universal human instinct to increase the joy of finding a good thing by sharing it with others. We both think we’ve found a good thing, in finding God through Jesus.

Peacetime and prosperity give us the luxury of squabbling over secondary matters. Effective health care and extended lifespans allow us to ignore the certainty of our own death. But wartime and pandemics tend to concentrate the mind. Certainly, our minds have been drawn again to the central truths of our faith, just as our hearts have been drawn to friends who have not yet considered the claims of Jesus.

We really wanted our friends to have that kind of Narnia Wardrobe door opening experience…the kids open the door to what they think is a wardrobe and there’s this whole other world in there…and that’s the illusion in the (book) title the World Next Door”

You can grab a copy of The World Next Door at Koorong. Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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