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Monday, February 29, 2016 4:20 pm
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By Mike Atkinson

As the summer season officially ends today we take a look at all the weather stats with our beloved weather ferret – JR. What’s his predictions for autumn? 

  • The mean max temperature for this summer was 31.2°C which was ranked the 10th hottest summer on record. Last Summer (2014/15) was the equal 7th hottest with 1931/32.
  • During summer Perth Metro recorded 20 warm nights (that’s when the min temp is 20°C or higher. The hottest night in summer was 25.6°C on 30th January.
  • This summer Perth Metro recorded its greatest number of days of 40°C or higher on record with 7 days. The previous record for summer was 6 days recorded in the summers of 1949/50, 1961/62 and 1997/98.


Feel the cool! The Lowest daily maximum temperatures for WA today. Source: Twitter

  • Between the 7th to 10th February Perth recorded its equal run of consecutive days of 40°C on record with 4 days also recorded in February 1933.
  • What a coincidence that both records were in 1933 and 2016 were recorded on the same dates.

What can we expect in March?

  • The average temperatures in March range from 16.6°C to 29.6°C – with an average rainfall is 19.5 mm on 4.3 rain days.
  • The driest March on record is nil in 7 years. The wettest March on record was 145.2 mm in 1934. During that March Perth Metro recorded the wettest March day on recorded with 77.0°C on the 9th.

Podcast: JR with Christine on Drive

  • On 2nd March 1934, Perth Metro recorded the hottest night on record with 28.3°C. The hottest day in March on record was 42.4°C on 7th March 2007.
  • The sunniest March was in 2001 and 2007 with 11.0 hours. The least sunniest March was in 1927 with 5.5 hours.
  • The coolest night in March was 6.3°C recorded on 27th March 2007.


5 day Perth metro area weather forecast. Source: BOM

Ferret The Weather Ferret’s fact of the week: The hottest location in the world yesterday was 45.6°C recorded at Julia Creek (Queensland Australia).

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