The weather ferret’s January forecast

Monday, January 4, 2016 4:31 pm
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by Mike Atkinson

As we enter 2016 it looks like there will be no rest for air conditioning units across Perth – the metro area is bracing itself for 5 days of +35°C.

JR is back for the new year to take a look at what we can expect through January.

  • The average max temperature in January is 31.2°C. The hottest day in January was 45.8°C on 31st January 1991.
  • The hottest January on record was 53 years ago in 1962 with a mean maximum temperature of 34.4°C.
  • Last January Perth Metro recorded an average temperature of 33.0°C, which is the 6th hottest January on record.
  • It was another hot year for Perth. The mean annual max temp was 25.6°C which was the 3rd hottest year on record.
  • We had a warm night overnight with 23.4°C. It was Perth Metro’s warmest night for nearly two years since the 23.8°C on 22nd February 2014. it hasn’t broken the hottest night on record though – the mercury didn’t drop below 29.7°C on the night of the 12th January 2012.

Hot nights Jan records

Bye bye doona. The top 10 hottest nights in January on record in WA. 

Podcast: JR with Christine on Drive

There are a couple of storm warnings in place on Wednesday and Friday but the potential rain fall won’t help fill our dams. As predicted, the dams are down nearly 10% on last years levels at 166.42GL.


The 7 day forecast of the Perth Metro Area. Source: BOM

FerretThe Weather Ferret’s fact of the week: If you fancy a change from the hot conditions the coldest location in the world overnight was -53.8°C recorded at Ust-Nera (Russia).

coldest place on 4th January – Russia.

Ust-Nera is a relatively small mining town in Sibera.

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