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Wednesday, January 27, 2016 4:29 pm
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It’s been a relatively dry start to 2016 – we’ve seen 8.8 mm fall in the Perth metro area in January, which is 92% of the January average of 9.7mm but we could see some rain later this week.

Our beloved weather ferret JR guides us through the forecast for the last few January days heading into February. First off, let’s start with Australia day.

  • The Perth Metro recorded a max temperature of 33.1°C on Australia day, which was a long way from the hottest which was 42.6°C in 1979.
  • The hottest location in WA yesterday was 42.2°C recorded at Marble Bar in the Pilbara.
  • The mean maximum temperature for January 2016 based on preliminary results is 31.9°C which will be the coolest January for 3 years.

On this day in history - perth metro edit

On this day in history: Perth metro area on the 27th January between 1993-2016

  • Last January (2015), the mean maximum temperature was 33.0°C which was the 6th hottest January on record. Perth Metro’s hottest January on record was in 1962 with a mean max temp of 34.4°C. It wasn’t the sunniest January in Perth with just 9.7 hour per day. The average for January is normally 11.6 hours.

Podcast: JR with Christine on Drive

The BOM are forecasting stormy weather on Saturday with the possibility of 4 to 15 mm. Showers are set to continue on Sunday and Monday with cooler weather too.

BOM forecast

The 5 day forecast of the Perth Metro Area. Source: BOM

Ferret The Weather Ferret’s fact of the week: The hottest location in the world yesterday was 43.0°C recorded at Urandangi Aerodrome (Northwest) Queensland.

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