The weather Ferret’s Easter forecast

Monday, March 21, 2016 4:48 pm
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It was a mixed bag over the weekend. Some areas of the metro area experienced 35mm of rain, whereas others clocked a wooping 0mm in the rain gauges.

Our beloved weather ferret, J.R, gives us the lowdown on this weeks weather, including the Easter forecast.

Stormy weather

  • On Friday and Saturday many parts of the Southern WA experienced stormy weather conditions some of it being severe. Much of the stormy weather was isolated.
  • The wettest location in the 24 hours to 9am on Saturday was Jurien Bay (DAFWA) with 45.4 mm and BOM’s rain gauge nearer to the coast just recorded 2.0 mm.
  • The same happened closer to home in the Perth area. A number of locations recorded no rainfall at all whilst Pearce recorded 35.2 mm. It was Pearce’s second wettest day in March on record. Their wettest day in March was 59.2 mm recorded on 12th March 1990.

Perth Metro rainfall

  • At last Perth Metro has recorded some rainfall. In the 24 hours to 9am yesterday we recorded 1.2 mm. It was the first rainfall for 24 days since the 0.2 mm recorded on 24th February.
  • The average for March is 19.5 mm on 4.3 rain days. The rainfall total for the year to day is 17.0 mm on 12 rain days.
  • The average for the three months January to March is 41.8 mm in 8.8 rain days.
  • We might add extra rainfall to that total as the BOM are forecasting the possibility interesting weather from now to Easter Sunday.

daily cools

Coolest days in March so far in WA. Source: Twitter

Easter time

  • With Easter just around the corner everyone wants to know about the weather. The date of this Easter Sunday this year is 27th March.
  • Not the earliest Easter Sunday on record that was on 22nd March in 1818 – that won’t happen for another 269 years’ time in 2285.

Wettest Easter period

  • Perth Metro’s wettest Easter period was recorded between the dates 8th to 11th April 1955 with 80.5 mm. Not ideal camping weather.
  • The probability of recording rainfall during the Easter period is 58 percent. The last time Perth Metro recorded rainfall during the Easter period was in 2011 with 1.2 mm.

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Easter Sunday

  • Perth Metro’s average max temp for Easter Sunday is 25.4°C. The hottest Easter Sunday was 35.7°C on 30th March 1902.
  • The coldest Easter Sunday was 14.5°C on 15th April 1900 (it’s also the date of the earliest cold day recorded in autumn on record).
  • Last year (Easter Sunday 2015) fell in on 5th April it was warm and sunny one with 30.4°C.

Hottest Easter Sunday in WA

  • The location in WA not to eat Easter egg was Gascoyne Junction in the Gascoyne with 44.2°C recorded on 2nd April 1972.
  • It was WA’s hottest Easter Sunday on record.

Perth dams

  • This week (2016) 23.2% (on the way down) – that’s 22% less water than this time last year. Last year (2015) 29.8%.


5 day Perth metro area weather forecast. Source: BOM

FerretThe Weather Ferret’s fact of the week: The coldest location in the world in the past 24 hours was -68.3°C at Vostok (Antarctica).


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