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Bec and Jeziel shared some good news stories that will make you smile. 

The UK’s new method of removing food waste can help reverse climate change in the next 10 to 15 years. The new initiative, called ‘The Urban Worm’ intends to turn people into worm farmers. One thousands packs of tiger worms have been prepared to be delivered to households, and schools and community groups who want to take part. If you are interested, all you have to do is apply on the website and create your own worm farm using video tutorials. After sending them a picture, they will ship the worms directly to your door. Feeding food waste to the worms helps it to break down naturally before it emits harmful gas. Worm faeces can also be used as fertiliser for your garden.

Image: Precious Plastic

In the northern Sahara, a refugee camp have been given a portable plastic recycling machine. This will help turn their plastic waste into furniture, bricks and other useful objects. Precious Plastic was started by Dave Hakkens, and intends to donate the machines and assist people in starting their own businesses.

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