The UK prepare for the Queen’s state funeral

Monday, September 19, 2022 2:14 pm
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We are not too far off from one of the most important days in history, the Queen’s state funeral. 

Kirste and Dan spoke to Tracy Vo, from Channel Nine, who is currently in London about the Queen’s state funeral. The initial days of sadness turned into a celebration of the Queen’s life. With members of the Royal family visiting people in the crowds near Buckingham Palace. As well as thousands of people queueing up to pay their respects to the Queen. “Because they have been out there for so long there is a sense of comradery. They are there for one common thing and it is to pay respect to the Queen.”

Tracy said she was amazed by their patience to stand in line for hours. “The queue has become a phenomenal story in itself because people have wanted to come out there even for more than 24 hours to have that brief moment in Westminster hall with the Queen.” The Queen’s state funeral will be held at 6 pm (AWST) today at Westminster Abbey in London. She will then be laid to rest with her husband Prince Phillip at Windsor Castle. Tracy will be among the people who have camped out to see her coffin be carried from Westminster Abbey. “The funeral itself will be emotional. It’s an important day to take a moment and take in the historical processes and time that we haven’t experienced yet.”

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