By Mike Atkinson | Drive producer and public relations officer

Can you trade a paperclip for a house? That’s the question Brekky and Drive have been asking for The Trade Up — a challenge inspired by Canadian Kyle MacDonald who traded a paperclip for a house in just 14 trades.

Kyle initially traded in the barter selection of  Craiglist before items escalated out of control. After scoring a role in a Hollywood movie called Donna On Demand, Kyle traded the role to the small Canadian town of Kipling, Saskatchewan, in exchange for a two-story house.

Feeling inspired by what Kyle achieved more than 10 years ago, Drive’s Jeziel and Brekky’s Kirste and Morro were offered one paperclip each and asked to barter hard with the 98five listening family.

Here’s how they’ve gone so far…


Trade 4: Projector > Polaroid Camera and Matchbox Cars

Everyone around Perth said it couldn’t be done, that trading for a 20-year-old, 40kg projector was a mistake in this competition against drive. One listener even said that we had inherited a glorified anchor! Well look at us now!

Brekky have traded the projector for with listener James for a Polaroid camera. He even sweetened the deal and through in some unopened, limited edition matchbox cars!

Kirste and Morro were unable to attend the trading ceremony, so producer Corey deputised for the occasion.

Trade 3: Netball Ring and Balls > Projector

They’re big, heavy and were popular in offices across the globe in the 90’s. Kirste and Morro have gone for size over substance as they said goodbye to the netball rings for a mighty overhead projector. Anyone for a movie night?

Trade 2: Windsurfer > Netball Ring and Balls

After running into a barrier on Brekky with a windsurfer, Kirste and Morro began to wonder if they had trade for a white elephant.

Enter Julie. She holidays in Busselton each year, and is keen to get a windsurfer and have a go with kids. In return, she was happy to trade her adjustable netball ring and box of balls. It’s a win win scenario now, as Kirste and Morro think a netball ring is hot property, and Julie gets to surf some gnarly waves.

Trade 1: Paperclip > Windsurf Board

While Kyle traded his paperclip for a pen shaped like a fish, the Brekky duo leaped forward by at least 4 trades thanks to listener Dan, who really must love paperclips!

Kirste and Morro went the extra mile and customised their paperclip into a love heart shape. Very cute!

Brekky V Drive TRADE UP challenge | Somehow, Brekky's Kirste and Morro managed to exchange a paperclip for this…

Posted by 98.5 Sonshine FM on Sunday, 26 February 2017



Drive’s trade up has ended! After many weeks of toiling none of 98five’s listeners had an offer for the car performance kit so the winner was drawn out of a sparkly golden hat (Jeziel’s choice) from those who had participated. Conrad, who initially had traded his swimming pool for a coffee machine was the lucky winner.

It turns out Conrad does have a turbo vehicle which means he can really tap into the 20% fuel efficiency and 25% boost in power from the performance kit. Happy travels!

Trade 7: Scuba Diving Set > Car Performance Kit

Some might say this is a risky trade but for the right person it could be dynamite. John from Tapping was desperate to make use of his new scuba license so he traded a brand new car performance kit to boost turbo charged car’s power for up to 30%! And that includes a re-fit.


Trade 6: 30-minute flying lesson > Scuba Diving Set

Unsiprisingly, it didn’t take long for the 30-minute flying lesson to be snapped up. Listener Roy laid down a generous offer of a scuba diving set worth nearly $1000! Roy plans to donate the flying lesson to his wife.

Trade 5: 4 metre Swimming Pool > 30 minute flying lesson

Now we’re talking! Royal Aero Flight instructor Charlee desperately wanted the pool for her nephew to play in so she pulled out the big guns with a 30 minute flying lesson voucher. The scary bit is that you get to take off and land yourself.

Trade 4: Coffee Machine > 4 metre Swimming Pool

Size really does matter! 98five listener Conrad thought he’d offload is 4.5m x 1.5m swimming pool so he could snag a replacement for his dying coffee machine at home. How about we test this bad boy out?!

Trade 3: Mountain Bike > Coffee Machine

Ok, we’ll admit the mountain bike had a few interesting quirks. The rear brakes were non-existent and there was a wee bit of warping on the rear tyre but 98five listener Claire came to the rescue, trading her coffee machine — which was gathering dust after an upgrade — for a ‘fixer upper’ bike for her 16 year old son. We’re glad you took it off our hands, Claire!

Trade 2: Venetian Blinds > Mountain Bike

After Jeziel spend approximately an hour begging on-air for an item that would have mainstream appeal the boy from New Zealand struck lucky thanks to listener Riley who donated his mountain bike so he could give the blinds to his mum as a present for the house. That will score you a few bonus points in the son department, Riley!

Trade 1: Paperclip > Venetian Blinds

Jeziel took a risk on a rather niche choice of a pair of wooden Venetian blinds, thanks to Verity from Joondalup, with the offer of re-sizing to fit the owners home with a hacksaw. It went head-to-head in a shoot out against a paper shredder but the 98five family voted unanimously for the blinds, despite disapproval from the office staff.

Verity was desperate for the paperclip in order to keep her important documents together in one place.

If you would like to contribute to The Trade Up keep listening to Brekky and Drive for your chance to be part of the swap.

If your item is selected in The Trade Up you’ll enter to draw to win whatever the Shows have at the end…who knows, it might be a house!

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