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Andrew ‘Hammo’ Hamilton joined Kirste and Dan to share more of his wisdom.

Twelve years ago, during the property boom, Hammo and his wife built a house and managed to sell it to make a $200 000 profit. They paid off their mortgage and planned to buy a camper van and drive around Australia. They heard about a developer who made 40% on his investment. So while they were gone they borrowed a quarter of a million dollars and put it in his investment. But the property market started to tumble and they ended up losing all the money they borrowed. “I remember lying in bed thinking what are we going to do? We just went from being free to suddenly being in debt.” When they finished their trip Hammo’s business took off and they managed to pay back the debt in five years.

While he was sitting in a meeting with other people who had lost money on this investment, another man exclaimed. “You know what? I think God is saying  you got too greedy.” Hammo felt like God was speaking to him. “I had this tingle go down my spine and I felt like he was saying to me, you got too greedy.” Sometimes life can cripple us but always remember that God is with you. “If life turns to custard don’t panic. God is still with you.”

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